Museum Friday

One of our Museum Friday escapes (clearly!) in 2015. Levitating Mass, MOCA, Los Angeles
Once a month we love to escape to a local museum, art gallery, movie house or other inspired location for a little cultural enlightenment.

Let’s be honest, Barbara and I have been playing hooky from work for the past several years. Usually it’s about once every couple months, on a Friday afternoon, around the time our email goes quiet and somewhere a Happy Hour has started. Rather than sneaking off to the bar, we get together and hatch a plan to grab some illicit (wait for it) cultural enlightenment – and have gone to calling these Ferris Bueller occasions “Museum Friday”: an afternoon escape to a nearby museum, art exhibition, movie screening or, simply, stroll on the beach. The only basic rule is to do something creative and new. At the least, it’s one way to start the weekend without a hangover.

Turns out, not all cultural opportunities are perfectly suited for Friday. Plus, we’d discovered such a good thing, why limit ourselves to only once in a while? Instead, we figured, why not commit to having a Museum Friday every month, set the date to align with something of interest over the weekend, and take turns deciding where the destination should be – a plan kept secret by the “host” until leaving the house (and sometimes even after arriving).

So far in 2016 we’ve:

While you might prefer to give your own escape a more customized name, the concept of a Museum Friday, which for Barbara and me has evolved into a much-anticipated day together each month, is one way to explore the cultural opportunities we tend to ignore – if only because we assume they can be had anytime. Devise a calendar, make a commitment and let your curiosity get the best of you. It’s amazing what cultural nuggets you can discover just digging around in your own backyard (see big rock above).

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