Marfa, Texas

Marfa, Texas
We’ve gone from stepping into the unknown to driving headlong into an alternate universe, where big skies, bold thinking and the occasional bizarre encounter rule the world of the West Texas outback.

BARBARA:  Marfa, Marfa, Marfa! We’ve arrived, but not before a stop at the Prada store, Prada Marfa, that is. What a strange and wonderful place. High in the Chihuahuan desert, the colors are lovely and muted — from the vast landscape to the pastel-peach town courthouse. We visited the Chinati Foundation, an ode to Donald Judd, and experienced art in grand spaces within the open landscape — it all seems quite zen …

HAL:  I totally agree. Here we are in the wide open spaces, then there’s this town, Marfa, and this art colony which spawned from Judd’s vision of installing minimalist, deeply meaningful art on the open plains and against the backdrop of the Chinati Mountains — a dramatic counterpoint to the chaos of the New York art world. The juxtaposition of avante garde and Texas tradition couldn’t be any more striking… yet in some strange, oddly appropriate way, cultural bedfellows that seem to bring out the best in each other. Wouldn’t you agree?

marfa-texas_05BARBARA:  And I might add, some mighty nice people as well! Everyone is so friendly. Another wonderful thing about this place is the eclectic mix of things strange and ordinary. There’s a certain draw and appeal that it has – for all walks of life. Of course it’s long been a destination as an art pilgrimage, but we’ve noticed people are here to experience Marfa for Marfa. Aside from Judd, his foundations, the galleries and exhibition spaces, there are great restaurants, interesting shops and boutiques, a fantastic independent bookstore, small town feel, and NO chain stores (with the exception of the gas station and the Dairy Queen!).

HAL:  No Starbucks either — and, surprisingly, no withdrawals. Next up, the Marfa Ghost Lights.

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